Business Enablement Services

We help you arrive at timely solutions for all your legal needs.

Backed with an experienced legal team consisting of attorneys, paralegals, research analysts, and legal advisors, Virtue Legal Services ensures that all the legal business needs of your business can be wistfully outsourced to us for diligence and efficiency. You name it and we have got you covered! Virtue Legal Services provides specialized business enablement and support services that establish the cornerstone for your organization’s growth. The flexible solutions, process adroitness, focused business enablement solutions, and competent delivery model of Virtue Legal Services makes us indispensable for our clients. Complete Legal Support for your business under one roof so that you can focus your efforts on your organization’s strategic goals.

By rationalizing day-to-day functional needs, we empower our clients to resolve their enterprise challenges successfully, while assisting them in establishing state of the art innovation. Virtue Legal Services are the connoisseurs in converting potential into performance and improvements. Our services help in expediting the realization of results by supporting our clients to administer organizational transformation.


Knowledge Management Services

With a professionally equipped team, Virtue Legal Services aims at dispensing legal and business knowledge management inquiries. Knowledge management services encourage high quality and efficient output for a business. We ensure that services such as data management, data stewardship, anti- money laundering checks, and news management among other such services are delivered with utmost precision and their compatibility with the project execution is maintained.


Research Management Services

Conducting and optimizing sensitive research and managing the information accordingly can prove very beneficial for a business in minimizing their legal as well as operational risks. Experienced legal research analysts conduct the requested search and research queries. Researching previous proceedings of the law, analyzing newer legislation, supporting even wider and more complex legal researches, and using aggregation tools for analysis are a few Research Management Services offered by Virtue Legal Services.


Legal Administration Services

The overall process of legal administration is lengthy, involves resource expenditure and is complex. A non-experienced attempt that lacks the required degree of expertise might not fetch accurate results and might also get stretched for a long duration, hence, prove to be inefficient. Virtue Legal Services help in optimization of legal administration services for your business in order to save time and give accurate results.Virtue Legal Services not only promises the best and the newest technology in the legal landscape but also offers the highly equipped and experienced legal team at a price with no match.


Legal Documentation Services

Legal departments of the corporates and many law firms face the challenge of effective documentation and its management in such a manner that is timely, information- sensitive and cost effective. Virtue Legal Services offers legal documentation services to law firms and legal departments of corporates with application of state of the art technology. We ensure a high degree of efficiency, productivity and insightful reporting of legal documentation services for our clients.


Legal Bill Review Services

As much as 10% of a company’s legal cost can be saved if all the legal bills and invoices from law firms and outside counsel are reviewed for compliance. The expert team at Virtue Legal Services offer their expertise and experience by reviewing the bills and invoices line by line and ensure a supreme quality legal bill reviews. Services such as real time review, performance bench marking, data analytics, guideline review and audit, and dispute resolution are included in the umbrella of Virtue Legal Services’ Legal Bill Review.


Business Compliance Support Services

Amidst the complex regulator requirements, business compliance can be tiresome. With the help of owned data, sophisticated software, and proficient service options, Virtue Legal Services offers clients to relish the advantages of total compliance while saving personnel hours as well as their budget for more core operations. We proudly specialize in elaborate licensing and entity management for our clients and provide support services at every stage of the enterprise lifecycle. We get across the intricacy and defend your business compliances so your business can strive with certainty.


KYC/ Due Diligence Services

Acquiring new clients can be a risky business as it involves huge costs and resources to be employed. Moreover, the risks that emerge from acquiring the wrong customer can be catastrophic for your business’ finances as well as reputation.Virtue Legal Services provide Know Your Customer services which are seamless enough to integrate with your business processes with ease. We also provide exhaustive Know Your customer and due diligence services towards your new as well as current third party relationships.


Regulatory Research and Management Services

The dynamic environment your business thrives in also paves the way for new regulatory and compliance requirements. Being responsive to these alterations often may lead to reviewing and overhauling amplitudes of documentation, generating operational tension and interrupting the core business activities. Virtue Legal Business offers regulatory research and management services that are backed with technology and ensure compliance from your end so that the activities that matter the most to your business remain in the center of your focus. We provide expert solutions in real time regulatory research, regular document review and updating, re-papering, and governance of your business processes.


Data Breach Response Services

Data breaches are now more prevalent than ever, irrespective of the size of an organization. To brace the cybersecurity stance, a company must set up a data breach response plan in order to train your organization for the probable worst case scenarios. Virtue Legal Services offers unparalleled resources and skill sets to remedy the data breach situations of our clients. An expert counsel and implementation of data breach response plan can result in minimizing or eradicating the data breach risks altogether.