Litigation Services

Offering premium Legal Solutions for the challenges that your company’s growth faces!

Virtue Legal Services Litigation Support offers the amenity and cutting the unnecessary costs in the daily operations of your business. Is the in-house team being utilized tautly? Do your legal problems require a special set of skills? Whether you are a corporate firm’s Legal Department or a dedicated Law firm, for all your Litigation Outsourcing needs- Virtue Legal Services is your go to.

Virtue Legal Services offers an array of services related to litigation and litigation support for corporate organizations and law firms. Equipped with highly professional and specially trained legal personnel, Virtue legal Services provides Legal Process Outsourcing services for all your litigation requirements so that your focus can lie on your core business.

Business Litigation Support

Corporate trials have several tedious and monotonous tasks, which need a set degree of diligence to be deemed complete. Litigation support services at Virtue Legal Services provide a suite of services, including drafting complaints, drafting summons, organizing timelines, and more. These tasks are taken care of entirely by us in order to keep your focus on your tasks.

Due Diligence / Paralegal Services

Paralegals are the ones who assist the lawyers and the attorneys with various tasks on a regular basis. Usually, law firms or corporate firms’ legal departments identify the need to outsource such tasks- which is where Virtue Legal Services comes into the picture! Paralegal Services such as due diligence, search and research, legal data entry, necessary documentation, services related to the notary, and more are handled by Virtue Legal Services.

Legal document review

Any kind of legal service is incomplete without a review of legal documents. However, this is also a service that requires a lot of time, effort, and focus. Hence, it is always prudent to outsource document review services, especially if your business has highly specialized and professional service offerings. Legal document review services at Virtue Legal Services such as preliminary reviews, document researching, maintaining document database, indexing, formatting, and encoding of documents, among others.

Arbitration Services

For legal matters where litigation does not do the trick, specialized arbitrators are required to take the stage. With years of experience and specialized expertise in the legal landscape, Value Legal Services offers the services of our skilled arbitration and mediation specialists. Arbitration services such as identifying alternate solutions towards resolutions of disputes, tie various scenarios with legality, and proceed with diligence, court mediation, binding arbitration among other specialized arbitration services..

Regulatory Investigation

The dynamic business environment today is dominated by rapidly changing scenarios of legal regulations. This increases the risk of potentially tiresome and stretched investigations and actions of enforcement by the government. These also give birth to the requirement of a regulatory investigation by the corporations or by the law firms for cases related to anti- bribery laws, anti- corruption laws, data privacy, consumer protection, contract breaches, whistleblowers and their protection, and so on.

Employment Disputes Management

Even a small conflict can give birth to controversies which are potential threats to the credibility of a business. It can lead to the withering of a business’s assets and can result in legal suits and fees. In order to avoid these from the employment end, Virtue Legal Services offers a range of Employment Dispute Resolution Services. With appropriate legal personnel to handle this for you, Virtue Legal Services ensure that such employment disputes are managed optimally.

Public Enquiries

Virtue Legal Services undertakes tasks like managing the public inquiries related to a case or litigation for a corporate firm or Law firm. We focus majorly and highly on Client satisfaction. This is evident in our communications with our clients. Virtue Legal Services abides by the values of accountability and integrity.