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Company Proposition: Virtue Legal Services

We are a one-stop solution for all Legal Outsourcing Services from IP Consulting & Support to Contract Management Services and from Business Enablement Services to Litigation Support Services. Headquartered in Wyoming, we have our legal and research teams are based in Sheridan and San Fransisco, USA. Virtue Legal Services proffers a highly adept team of researchers and legal professionals holding expertise in various domains such as Electronics, Mechanics, and Bio-technology. We ensure that our services are delivered flawlessly and within the set time frame.

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Value by Virtue Legal Services


Team of Expert and Professional Individuals


16 years experience in Outsourcing Processes


Promise of On-Time Delivery of Project


Overall Cost Reduction for Clients

Services Offered

Virtue Legal Services provides all types of legal services for your legal compliances. We are a one- stop company for all types of LPO - related work. Our legal team works around the clock to give you the best LPO services. We do the groundwork that will lay the foundation for your company’s future..


Litigation Services


Business Litigation Support

Corporate trials have several tedious and monotonous tasks, which need a set degree of diligence to be deemed complete...

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Due Diligence / Paralegal Services

Paralegals are the ones who assist the lawyers and the attorneys with various tasks on a regular basis.Usually, law firms or...

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Legal document review

Any kind of legal service is incomplete without a review of legal documents. However, this is also a service that requires a lot of time, effort, and focus...

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Arbitration Services

For legal matters where litigation does not do the trick, specialized arbitrators are required to take the stage. With years of experience and specialized expertise...

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IP Consulting and Support


IP Watch and Scouting

We provide IP watch and scouting services to help you identify and evaluate third-party IP or technology to potentially license and grow your business...

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Patentability Search

We search and develop patents for your products and business. There are various search engines available for the same, but our expert search services give you...

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Market Assessment and Analysis

We assess and analyze market growth and develop a plan accordingly for your business so that you don’t lack behind...

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IP Drafting and Prosecution

Our highly skilled and experienced attorneys at practice provide IP drafting services and prosecution if need arises...

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Business Enablement Services


Knowledge Management Services

With a professionally equipped team, Virtue Legal Services aims at dispensing legal and business knowledge management inquiries. Knowledge management...

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Research Management Services

Conducting and optimizing sensitive research and managing the information accordingly can prove very beneficial for a business in minimizing their legal as well as...

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Legal Administration Services

The overall process of legal administration is lengthy, involves resource expenditure and is complex. A non-experienced attempt that lacks the required degree of expertise...

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Legal Documentation Services

Legal departments of the corporates and many law firms face the challenge of effective documentation and its management in such a manner that is timely, information- sensitive...

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Contract Management Services


External Relationship Facilitation

Contracts are made by businesses with third parties in order to transact in the market legally. Hence, evidently contract...

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Contract Reviews

Contracts are not always made and issued from our end to the third parties. Many times, the other parties such as the client, the suppliers, or the agencies also issue...

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Contract Abstraction and Migration

It is imminent for a contract management system to be successful to have complete track of all contract information and provisions...

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Contract Drafting and Negotiation

Legally negotiating the terms and provisions of the transaction to be contracted can also be facilitated by the highly skilled legal...

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